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Author, Consultant, freelance copywriter, web content provider, marketing communications advisor, ghost writer, advertorial script writer

Chris MacDonald, writer, consultant


The author of various books on topics such as: health, nutrition, education, religion, lifestyle, along with upcoming works of fiction including the novels: Massacred Heart and The Final Judgement.

The Despised: In world that is inundated with seemingly mundane reality shows, The Despised provides a new perspective on what it is truly like to have lived, lost, suffered and triumphed. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart, this book will take you on an epic journey like no other. From the depths of the abyss to the supernatural, it covers a vast spectrum that most others have never imagined, let alone... lived.

Catholic Evangelization, a comprehensive instructional book, if you will, takes the mystery out of a Christian's most important duty - to spread the gospel. When we get right down to it, there is nothing more important than evangelizing. The disciples even left there old lives (families and jobs) to do it. So it goes without saying that if it is the most important task for a Christian, then by not doing it effectively, there is going to be consequences. Just think of any other important job we do, such as, well.... our jobs! If we don't go to work, we will get fired. The point is: there are repercussions for not doing what is important, even if those consequences are not sudden or right after the fact.

What better topic to write about than the most important duty for any and all Christians in the world. And since we are to make disciples of all people, it is everybody's obligation to evangelize. Christianity is everybody's birthright whether they know it or not. There is only one truth; there can't be two different truths when it comes to religion. One of us has to be right, and this book provides scientific proof that Christians are right and that the Catholic Church was the only church that was instituted by God! That being said, all Christians must unify - now more than ever. We must all work together to build up the Kingdom of God on earth.

God will not force us to do something; we have to perform our obligations on our own volition.   If anybody is interested or is seeking practical information on how to evangelize in an effective way that will bring about results, then this book is for them. It teaches all aspects of evangelization, including missionary work. Nothing is left out. And with the help of the Holy Spirit, the numbers of the faithful will increase.

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How to Stop Bullying in Schools Once and For All was borne out of the need to keep our students free from distress and discouragement. Since school is the equivalent to the adult's workplace, why shouldn't students at least have those same protections?

Working on the premise that safety trumps education at all times, educators must prioritize their duties and make sure the victims of bullying are protected at all times, and that incidents of bullying, especially from known bullies, are dealt with expeditiously and firmly.

The book talks about THE BIG THREE impediments to solving the bullying problem in most districts and how to circumvent them.

Written from an insider's perspective, no other book on the subject of bullying goes into such depth on the critical parts of the education system that allow bullying to continue on and off school grounds, and how the average Jane or Joe can remove the obstacles including THE BIG THREE and affect change.
He doesn't hold back or pull any punches, and places the blame squarely where it belongs. Such honesty cannot be found in commissioned reports or studies, because their authors are usually beholden to their masters, and dare not tell them what they don't want to hear.

Bullying impacts the whole family because when one family member is in distress, it affects them all. And it is such a pity that in this day and age, we still haven't come up with a viable solution - until now that is, with the help of this book. Read more...

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Your Inner Child: Healing the Wounds of Childhood is a book on how to reclaim the child within us that was lost due to trauma at a young age. We all have one, but if he or she is not allowed to be heard, then they are kept silent and the person remains wounded. Paradoxically, the inner child is where the power is. We have to feel our grief and anger about past and present hurts and not ignore our inner child.

These days, even the church tells us not to feel angry at anybody and leave the past in the past. Chris MacDonald is here to tell you that for many, in order to move forward, they must go back. Feelings are not to be feared, they are gauges that give us valuable information. We cannot go around this type of pain, we must go through it.

Inner Child Healing is a continuation of the previous book, Your Inner Child: Healing the Wounds of Childhood.

Massacred Heart is a supernatural thriller, and Chris MacDonald's first work of fiction. Its protagonist, John Francis, is coming of age and is beginning to realize that he possesses spiritual gifts that will help to transform the world, and to set the stage for the final chapter in history.

The story spans over several decades, beginning in the early 1980's, and leads up to the final days before judgement.
After reading it, you will wonder if it is fiction or.... truth.

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 the book - Catholic Evangelization by Christopher MacDonaldThe much anticipated book is now available! Catholic Evangelization. Painstakingly written to provide Catholics all the necessary information to spread the gospel, build up Christ's church, while at the same time strengthening their faith. When all these magnificent aspects of evangelization are happening, more and more people will hear and respond to the calling to the priesthood and consecrated life, and so - the blessed cycle continues. With the help of the Holy Spirit, this book will show you in no uncertain terms how to get fired up for the Lord. It is also the ultimate book on practical ways of spreading the gospel, giving the reader a step by step guide for application and execution of evangelization methods and principles in innumerable situations. Not only is this book the definitive resource on practical ways of spreading the gospel and building up the church, it is also an excellent means to renew and revive your own faith and that of others!
©2012 ISBN-13 978-0-9867878-1-2
300 pages Easy-to-read electronic format (buy the book for immediate reading - no waiting!) Formats: pdf, doc, text, mobi, kindle, epub, html (can be read by anyone with a computer, smart phone, hand-held device etc.) $4.99 CA

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the book - How to Stop Bullying in Schools Once and For All by Christoher MacDonaldThis ground-breaking book will forever change your view on how bullying is dealt with by schools, whether the abuse happens on or off school grounds. Christopher MacDonald takes the onus off of the victims and places it squarely where it belongs. With a tough but fair approach, the book applies strategies and techniques that will provide immediate relief for any victim of bullying, and help for their loved ones, who no longer have to sit helplessly by. Learn more!
©2013 ISBN-13: 978-0-9867878-3-6
234 pages Available in pdf, doc, text, mobi, kindle, epub, and html $4.99 CA

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the book - The Despised by Christopher MacDonaldThe Despised is an amazing true story of survival. An incredible, epic journey from nothingness to self-discovery; from despair to faith. You'll never forget The Despised. ©2010 ISBN # 978-0-9867878-0-5
300 pages

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Inner Child Healing - Healing the Wounds of Childhood by Christopher MacDonaldYOUR INNER CHILD: HEALING THE WOUNDS OF CHILDHOOD

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Inner Child Healing by Christopher MacDonaldINNER CHILD HEALING

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the book - MASSACRED HEART by Christopher MacDonaldJohn Francis, a lost soul whose cries for justice have finally been heard, is about to become the unlikely beneficiary of powerful gifts that will help transform the world. Set upon the backdrop of hope and fear leading up to the final days before Judgement, Massacred Heart is a palpable winner that will renew your faith and keep you wanting more.
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the final judgement bookTHE FINAL JUDGEMENT

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projects by chris macdonaldProjects that Chris MacDonald is currently working on include a book on self-defence, diet and health, a cookbook on homemade recipes for healthy eating, as well as others.
The self-defence book will cover common sense self defence techniques. With all the different fighting styles out there, which one is the best for defending one's self from an attacker? Each of the respective disciplines for self defence were developed by someone who thought their style was the best. Take Karate for example; it has its own advantages and disadvantages. It uses various points of contact, but the front-on stance turns a person into a big target. We actually want to be as small a target as possible in our stance, which is why we should face someone side on. Karate doesn't teach us much if anything about fighting on the ground either.
Other disciplines also have advantages and disadvantages. Chris MacDonald has simplified and taken the best approaches from various disciplines, and then added some of his own. This allows for someone to defend themselves with the best techniques and with the utmost efficiency, because we have limited energy in situations.
Also, concentrating on several key movements allows someone to quickly become proficient at this style, and easy to remember.
Sure, UFC fighters also takes the best out of each fighting style, but the UFC is not really self-defence, it is fighting. Self-defence is about defending one's self with the intention of  getting away from the attacker. It is not called self-offence. Also, the UFC does not use all the techniques that a person would use if defending themselves - especially if their life was in danger.
Living Large and the Red Hot Fire People is the title of Chris MacDonald's upcoming book on diet and health. It is no mystery that what we put in our mouths or inject in our body will affect our health. Most people are overweight to some degree and are producing inflammation. Some have a lot of inflammation, and others are living with low grade inflammation. Psoriasis with its red hot appearance is an indication of chronic inflammation. Any part of your skin that remains red is usually indicative of chronic inflammation. It's common sense. Since inflammation is the precursor to so many diseases, it is necessary to eat properly, but the problem is: with so many food choices, what is considered healthy these days?
What works for one person may not be ideal for another. However, there are foods that are never good to eat - simple sugars being one of them. What obfuscates nutrition even more is the common misconception that some of the foods we eat everyday (such as dairy) are good for us, or even necessary. It is what we were taught and programmed to believe. Some even demonize the potato but yet say nothing about staying away from all desserts.
It is a world gone mad when it comes to diet. It is, however, no mystery, that if one really wanted to lose weight, all they have to do is reduce their intake of fatty foods and simple sugars. However, we do need a certain amount of fat in our diet, and for carbohydrates, we know they are important as well. Going to extremes in a diet is ill-advised.
Exercise is a necessity to healthy living, but if someone is using exercise to lose or maintain weight, then they are on the wrong diet, because if they were eating the right foods, they would never gain weight, and they would always remain at their optimal weight.
People need to realize, as Chris MacDonald so precisely points out, that most of the chronic diseases people endure today, are the result of their diet. Much of the food we purchase is not conducive to good health. Almost all of us are resigned to the fact that chronic diseases such as heart disease, arthritis, diabetes, cancer and even hairloss, are a normal part of life. They are far from normal, we're just used to them. They are diet related.
And no, olive oil is not good for you in large amounts. We always have to have a healthy balance of fats, carbs, and proteins for optimal health.
Chris MacDonald has come up with a cookbook with recipes that do not have ingredients that contain any processed foods, sugars or additional fats. All the ingredients used for any of the recipes are completely natural, which is extremely rare for a cook book! He has found that foods, in their natural states, contain all the flavours that one really needs to enjoy.
Most people are hooked on the sweet taste of food because of all the added sugar, but many fail to realize that unprocessed foods are naturally sweet, salty, or buttery tasting etc.You could eat as much as you want from any of the recipes and not be overweight, because of the natural ingredients used.
Remember: Unless you have a medical condition, you will always be at your optimal weight with the correct diet that includes the optimal amount of proteins, fats and carbs.

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Topics Chris MacDonald has written extensively about in articles and editorials include: social injustice, the penal system, forgiveness, empathy, mental health issues, politics, economics, Scottish heritage, music, angels, saints - especially Saint Mary: Queen of Heaven, miracles and many others.
As you can see, his subjects and interests vary greatly; however, social issues remain his focus.
It is plain to see that the world is not a perfect place, and it will never be. Society is advancing in its technology and people are becoming more and more aware of the situations around them and across the globe, thanks to technology. Our emotions are evolving too, and we are becoming more empathetic and compassionate. It is a higher brain function, so it is inevitable that this will continue. However, it is interesting to see people lose their humanity when put to the test such as when basic necessities become scarce etc.
The governance and the ever increasing bureaucracy should be a concern, as well as the propensity for politicians to lean towards the left. Politicians certainly don't want to take on the hot button issue of abortion.
The left wing liberal media appears to favour the woman's right to have her baby killed, thinking that this is a hard earned right and not realizing that, if left alone, the baby would go through all the stages of life including birth, infancy, childhood, adolescents.... It is kind of strange what some people think of as a right. Some think they have a right to take the life of an unborn child.
Many educators think bullies have a right to stay in school (or not be sufficiently contained) lest their right to an education be aborted as well. Others believe they have the right for government to fulfill all their needs, not understanding that this will actually, in the long term, take away their rights, let alone cost taxpayers dearly.
Many prisoners think they have many rights and privileges that free people enjoy. Of course, everybody has basic human rights, including prisoners, but other than necessities, prisoners should expect little else.  The institutions that contain them tell them they don't have many privileges, but it doesn't always appear that way, does it? MacDonald takes a middle ground and explains that prisoners have had there fair share of trauma and abuse, and by not focusing on it and fostering an atmosphere of compassion and empathy, together with a strict disciplinary environment, prisoners will not change. The prison system is basically the parent that these inmates never had. And for proper parenting, it is necessary to be a firm disciplinarian, while instilling values that promote empathy and compassion for ourselves and others.
The United States houses more than 1.5 million of its citizens. This is an inappropriate use of the penal system because there are other ways to deal with non-violent offenders. A case in point: Conrad Black, a Canadian citizen, was incarcerated for fraud and obstruction in the United States. It appeared that the overzealous U.S. Attorney, Patrick Fitzgerald, who seemed more interested in vengeance, and seemed to take it personally, was over-zealous in his prosecution of Mr. Black. Justice would have been better served if Mr. Black was hit with levies and seizures, rather than thrown in jail, adding to the financial burden of the U.S. taxpayer. Besides, he is by no means a violent man or public enemy no. 1.
The 100th anniversary of Fatima is almost upon us. Oh how we forget, or have never even been told about what Chris MacDonald believes is the most important event in the 20th century. It was the first time that a miracle was photographed and witnessed by tens of thousands at the same time! MacDonald is quite right, in my opinion, that this should have remained centre-stage, even up till now, by being on the front page of newspapers and other media, like it was back then.
It is interesting to note that the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe is still baffling scientists today. Images of the eyes enlarged, reveal all the individuals present that day (wiki, Our Lady of Guadalupe), as if God snapped a picture knowing that it would take centuries until technology would reveal the miracle - proof for 20th and 21st century naysayers.
Miracles are given to us by God because He knows that it is hard for our little pea-brains to comprehend Him and the fact that He sent His only Son to us so that we could be saved and join Him forever in eternity.
We all want to be Gods, which is why we must work on our egos everyday - in order to remain humble... like little children. Even the Lord reminds us that we must become like children. (Matt 18:3)
Chris compares miracles, and how we ignore or forget about them, to what St. James says about looking at our image in the mirror: “He sees himself, then goes off and promptly forgets what he looked like.” St. James is talking about the word of God here, but it isn't much difference when God reveals himself through miracles as well. We ought to look upon them as proof of God's existence and not be afraid to use them as a tool for evangelization.
All people are children of God, but it is no coincidence that all the saints are Catholic. As Catholics we believe that no one on earth knows the exact time when Jesus will come again to judge the living and the dead, and Chris is by no means attempting to put a time or date on it either; however, he believes that after the full passage of time, such as at a point where man has become so enlightened about the mysteries of the body (not the mysteries of God), that God will call us home. This will happen around the time when we have figured out how to live, essentially, forever. When we are able to replicate, regrow, and/or repair any body part and resuscitate the recently departed, then the chips will be called in, bringing forth the Day of Judgement. That day of course, is drawing closer.
Chris comes to this conclusion for a number of reasons which make a lot of sense. For instance, Adam and Eve, who were symbolic of the first humans, transgressed against God - which made life much harder for themselves and all of the generations to follow. And while we may never understand God or His mysteries (while on earth), we will have evolved to a point where we will be mucking with nature, biology and existence, even more than we are now. We will in fact, come full circle with Adam and Eve - them the alpha and us the omega (the first and last), and it will happen in this 21st century. Judgement Day is not something to fear or dread. We are just visitors here on earth, pilgrims if you will, on our way to another place.... our true home. Heaven of course is our true home.  No one will ever know the full mystery of God, but God himself. Not even the devil is privy to that knowledge. However, other mysteries of life will come into play in the end times.
You could say that, in essence, we have been quite successful in evolving our knowledge.... our faith is another matter though. As time passes, people have become less faithful, and this is accelerating... to our detriment. This has provoked God's ire, and brings us ever closer to Judgement. Another point Chris raises is the exploding population, and also the murder of innocence. The population has to rise; there is no way around it. However, the earth can only sustain so many people, and if you look historically at population growth, one can easily come to the conclusion that it cannot go on... past the 21st century, without some cataclysmic event happening. Chris does not predict a cataclysmic event, but Judgement. He doesn't use the words second coming, which denotes that Christ (God) only came once (He has been with us all along).
Abortion and the killing of innocence is the most important social issue. Evangelization might be our most important duty, but abortion and the slaughter of innocence is our biggest social problem. There are other problems, but abortion ranks number one. Chris states: “One stage of life is not more important than the other; you need one for the other.”
Abortion breaks the first commandment. Who knows if that murdered baby would have grown up to be a great peacemaker and/or saint etc.
No one knows the exact time, but the Lord has told us to watch for the signs. Common sense and the signs tell us we are getting closer. Some people today... will be alive to witness it, but not even the dead can escape Judgement. Our whole faith is based on the risen Christ. Like Saint Paul points out, if Christ had not risen from the dead, our faith is in vain. Cannot the same be said of His mercy? For how could a merciful God relegate any of His children to Hell? We don't know. We do know that the Lord of the Universe is also the Lord of Salvation. We know it is not easy here on earth; look what we did to our Lord. Forgiveness, an act which is very much part of the Christian faith, is an often misunderstood concept, especially for Christians who have been abused.
The Despised is a book that goes into great detail about the struggle for forgiveness in the most difficult of circumstances. Chris understands that forgiveness, is oftentimes, not under our control, even if we wanted to forgive. When it comes to trauma, abuse and attempting to forgive the perpetrators, one must go through the process which often involves episodes of rage and grief. Since he had undergone the process himself, he can attest to the fact that one in his situation, could never simply go around it, but through it.
Addictions must also be controlled before the process, and it also helps if the person is in a loving relationship - free from people who would drag him/her down.
There is no way for someone to get better (if abused) without feeling all the feelings that come, including but not limited to: hatred, anger, rage, abandonment, sadness, loss... The big mistake people often make, especially Catholics, is that they feel guilty about feeling anger and hatred (if only symbolically) towards parents and siblings who have abused them, or looked the other way.
Chris goes onto say that he believes God wanted him to feel those feelings, even rage directed at parents, as long as he did it symbolically and not directly. He also goes onto say that this would not be breaking the fourth commandment. Furthermore, MacDonald, in his belief, was given permission not to have to communicate with his family members - ever. His situation is extreme, but the fundamental idea of someone being honest enough with themselves to go back and rescue their inner child, applies to anyone and everyone who need it. If anything, The Despised hammers home the point that some have had it much worse than others and that forgiveness, in certain situations, is very much doubtful, if even plausible. Forgiveness might be the goal, but many victims still have to go through the process, and even then, it is up to God to grant it in some situations.
Chris understands that parents can make mistakes, and even abuse can sometimes be forgiven, but woe to those parents who are confronted by their adult children and still deny anything ever happened. It would be like shooting themselves in the foot. And trying to normalize the chaos that went on, maybe par for the course, but the victims who gain insight - know differently. Parents, siblings and or other abusers cannot create a war zone and then expect for the victims to come out unscathed. There are repercussions, cause and effect if you will.
In his book, The Despised, he also takes aim at the mental health system, and especially therapists, who don't realize that traumatized patients are often fighting for their lives, no  matter what their outward demeanour or body language says. Victims of trauma are not necessarily more sensitive than others; if anything, they are tougher, because it takes more courage to face your demons and your pain to live in denial. Although many have repressed painful events... which is often beyond their control.
And, for the love of God, Chris is certainly right when he says that if a therapist can get a patient to the point of sobbing, they (the therapist), for the sake of patient, should sit there and shut up. It is only the amateur who feels they must console with actions and words after they get someone to the precious point of sobbing. Sobbing is the antidote, the magic bullet if you will. Sobbing is the cure and if anyone disturbs that process; he or she is a fool for doing so.
Many are uneasy with others crying, and that makes them want to reach out and stop it. However, when a trained therapist doesn't know when to be still and shut up, then they ought to find a new source of employment.
Another point of contention for Chris, is when so-called experts try to put a time limit on the process. No one can say for sure how long it will take an individual to complete the anger and grieving process of the recovery. Who knows, it may never be completely distinguished. It can be contained, but not necessarily finished. You can't bring something to a conclusion if it is not finished.
However, the main thing according to Chris is this: the most important thing (especially about anger), is to remember and focus on who it is directed to. If you have a family of your own, and you have unprocessed trauma, you are probably going to take out that anger (and rage) out on your innocent, unsuspecting wife and children. Doesn't it make more sense to keep the focus of that anger on the perpetrators for as long as necessary? Do not let the perpetrators off the hook, until your damn good and ready. I'm talking symbolically of course. You can release anger through role playing and imagery. However, you sure as heck don't have to have contact with those who caused you pain. You're actually better off, in many instances, to not have contact with dysfunctional perpetrators.
So when it comes to processing our trauma, we will go through periods of anger, followed by times of profound sadness and grief. We have no control when they come up, but we must feel those feelings when they do. And as Chris mentions in The Despised, those feelings will become less intense after a while (weeks, months, years), sort of like lifting the top off a pot of boiling water and slowly releasing the steam.
Many of Chris MacDonald's articles centre around parents' mistaken beliefs about their actions and how they affect their children.
Separation and divorce are very traumatic for kids. Even though a child (or an adult) may say that it doesn't, or hasn't affected them; chances are it has, and sometimes profoundly. Chris knows that if parents knew how much separation, divorce, or even a bad marriage affected their kids, most would immediately change their ways.
Our actions live on, and how we treat our kids, is probably the way our grandkids will be treated if we get to have any at all... and so on.
Traumatic events can also change someone forever, unless they acquire the insight, somehow, and work through it. This is rare though. So, in essence, we can lose ourselves through trauma. We could lose and be separated from our inner child - our true selves, and not even know it. However, the inner child will not be stifled, and we may develop what appears to be unrelated symptoms etc. Addictions of all types work to keep the inner child silent and to maintain our unprocessed trauma.
by Monica Ward mward(at)


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